We just announced 8 more west coast shows in January! Exciting!!

We are excited to announce that we will be coming back to Albany for a show at Jillian’s presented by WEQX. The best news is that the show is only $5!!!

Two things!

  1. Check out this remix by Peter Silberman of The Antlers – he uses elements from our entire album, The Orchard
  2. Tickets are now on sale for our 12/16 show in Mexico!

Beginning tomorrow, 10/16, Hulu will have a Ra Ra Riot page featuring The Making of The Orchard documentary by Taryn Gould + Emily Kowalczyk, a live performance from the 9/23 Music Hall of Williamsburg show and some of our music videos. WE’RE PSYCHED!!!

To our San Antonio fans,

We are so sorry but due to circumstances out of our control we have to cancel our show on 10/24 in San Antonio.  This really sucks and we promise to make it up to you very very soon.

Ra Ra Riot

Hey Everyone!
Thanks so much to New York for the four sold-out shows last week. The tour has officially started as of last night in Northampton! Check our dates HERE.
Other awesome news is that the “Boy” split 7″ with Stornoway is available through 4AD!
Buy it through 4AD
Buy it through Barsuk
Buy it through Insound
Buy it through Rough Trade
If you don’t know Stornoway, check’em out HERE where you can download “Fuel Up”… They rule.
Buy Stornoway Beachcomber’s Wildowsill album for $6.00 click on “BUY MP3″ and then the code is stornoway6

MEXICO! We almost forgot to tell you that The Orchard came out this week Arts & Crafts Mexico! It should be available everywhere down there